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It's an impossible job...might as well laugh about it.
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What is HMC?

The Horrible Moms' Club is an online community that will be shaped by its members. It is intended to be an antidote to condescending, judgmental, overly opinionated, overly commercial sites. Our core values include:

  • Non-judgment, period.
  • Tongue-in-cheek humor
  • Compassionate information sharing
  • Ourselves as people and parents
  • Our children as people not products

You are not alone! | Sanity is possible.

Member Forums

Coming Soon! A web community for the rest of us.

Because being a mom can be overwhelming

Parents today have more information and resources than ever before. It's great--except when it's not. The range of opinions and recommendations and sheer volume of facts to sort through can leave the most organized parent overwhelmed, discouraged, and guilt-ridden. There is simply no way to do everything.

And there is always some other parent who seems to be. Moms' groups intended as support can be come snarky, more well-researched version of High School cliquishness. Website 'communities' are often about pushing some product as an agenda or vision of 'perfect parenting' that few can afford or live up to.

Coming Soon!| June 2009!

+ Being good enough is enough

Building on our strengths

At horriblemomsclub.com, we embrace our limitations and celebrate our successes. We share information as support and challenge the endless waves of judgment that confront moms on a daily basis. We welcome dads while recognizing that moms generally experience the pressure to be a perfect parent differently.

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